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Galileo’s Ghost – Remember Me, Starfighter – Volume One.
Début Release. 454pg Graphic Novel & 15 Track Album.
Released: 2014. Purchase Here.
Track List:
01. Threshold (Intro).
02. Ways Unknown.
03. The Battle For Firefly One Part One (Interlude).
04. The Battle For Firefly One Part Two.
05. Will You Be My Percy Montana (TBFFOPart Three).
06. So Watch This Pawn Take Your Queen (TBFFOPart Four).
07. The Battle For Firefly One Part Five (Interlude).
08. Neo Rose.
09. The Opposite Of War.
10. Transmission Pour La Luciole.
11. Love Scene Take One.
12. The Final Score.
13. Bringing Your Knife To The Dogfight.
14. Vanguard.
15. A Good Space Opera Always Ends With A Battle.

Music By: Rookie Allen & Brendan Baker.
Produced By: Rookie Allen.
Recorded At: The Ghost House Studio (RIP).
Mixed By: Joel Black
Mastered By: Chris Bauer