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What has been going on? Telstra and NBN are pathetic that’s what’s been going on.

Well, It’s been a while. Truth is I haven’t had any Internet access because Fucktard Telstra and Ass clown NBN have completely cut off my internet and my phone line because they couldn’t comprehend that there could be two houses on the one block. so for about three months now I’ve had no way of getting online to update this safely.
Then I finally figured out that my phone could be a WiFi hotspot…but It’s extremely slow…But busy I have been.
We’re re-releasing the first album with an all newly drawn graphic novel, this time completely by me.
It should be done by the end of the year as well as the Absalon Cicada album/graphic novel (That has been delayed a little)…Not to go all DK3 on your sweet asses, great work DC comics. but I must admit even though people have been criticising Frank miller and Brian Azzerello (I’m talking about you COMIC POP) I’m actually been really enjoying this new DK3 Batman series mainly because DK2 was so horrible. Oh and while I’m on the whole Comics thing, Devils Due are back in business with a new ZEN the intergalactic ninja title. It’s not the best story so far but I think I’m blinded by the soft spot I have for ZEN. I’m just really happy to see him in print again. If you don’t know ZEN check him out, If you like TMNT you’ll probably get into ZEN.

Anyway I guess it’s a bit late but happy new year all. How good was The Dead Pool movie? bout fucking time it happened. Loving one punch man at the moment, not completely sold on this franchise yet because everything coming out of Japan like this is using the DBZ Goku model. You know the whole stupid/smart world better character, you know the one I’m talking about Goku and Luffy type character.
Malcolm Turnbull what a tool, I can tell you’re a con man from the start dude. I’ve worked in the music industry for too long and seen too many people like you. I bet you got a nice payout by the head guy of this NBN company, that I found out was also once the head of TELSTRA hahahaha wow.

This may disappoint a few of you but, How shit was the new Star Wars? wow, I went in with all my love for star wars aside and all by dislike for Gorge Lucas aside also, and watched this movie as a movie not a Star Wars movie. And I wasn’t impressed. I’ll go into more detail at a later date. Be ready for a I’m sure a very controversial Rookie’s Rant.

Anyway, That’s what’s been happening. When I finally get my internet back. I’ll be ranting some more.
Until next time
Stay punk. And if you’re not punk become punk and stay that way.
The same applies to metal.

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