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Galileo’s Ghost are selling their first born child on Amazon for $25

Just reminding everyone that G.Ghost are selling their first born child on Amazon for $25.

The debut album from Galileo’s Ghost. Volume one is an epic science fiction blend of audio and visual entertainment. A classically scored space opera tainted by modern metal and corrupted by the historic punk bands and movements of the past two decades. Galileo’s Ghost is a heavy metal space opera drowning it’s orchestra in a sea of experimental bliss. Our violently toned science fiction story was born many years ago in the over active imagination of a child playing in his bedroom, it’s a tale of death, lost love, greed, racism and the soul decaying obsession of power. but it doesn’t stop there, we also have side stories that explain in more detail specific characters and even introduce new characters/dimensions in our WEB COMIC at and also at our label Produced by: Rookie Allen Mixed by: Joel Black Mastered by: Chris Bauer. Copyright 2014, Rookie Allen Music.


Rookie Allen.