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Hey firstly welcome to
I’m honoured to see you here, thank you.
I’m finally happy with the site, but I’m sure just like a pokemon it will evolve…Sorry corniest way to explain anything ever.
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Galileo’s Ghost is a 454pg Graphic Novel and a 15 Track album epic metal space opera.
Written by: Rookie Allen.
Art by: Rookie Allen, Spang Green, Drew Turner, Fully Metal Keith and A.W.Gray.
Music Written by: Rookie Allen and Brendan Baker.
Produced by: Rookie Allen.
Mixed by Joel Black.
Mastered by Chris Bauer.

On this site you can check out the online element of GGhost by reading the side stories/Pre stories in the web comic.
And you can also listen to the tunes over at the Starplanet youtube here:

I really hope you can get into this little project of mine.
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Stay Safe and Stay Punk. And if your not punk, Become punk and stay that way.