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Hitting the RESET button

Greetings true believers, So over at ENTER STARPLANET we have hit the reset button and have taken a step back to analyze our attack plan. The two main worlds we exist in are constantly changing and evolving and we need to take a look at it and revise our attack against it. We also want […]

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OK!! It’s been a while since I’ve made an update on the progress of the next lot of Galileo’s Ghost releases. And since I have just read through a bunch of emails asking about it, so I thought Ok post time. Here are some sneaky pic of the production so far. Right now I’m thumb […]

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Galileo’s Ghost are selling their first born child on Amazon for $25

Just reminding everyone that G.Ghost are selling their first born child on Amazon for $25. The debut album from Galileo’s Ghost. Volume one is an epic science fiction blend of audio and visual entertainment. A classically scored space opera tainted by modern metal and corrupted by the historic punk bands and movements of the […]

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